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09 Age of Deception

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Music: Sandor de Bretan, Rob Gravelle, John Devadasan Perinbam
Lyrics: John Devadasan Perinbam


We're living in an age
Where the truth means so little
and freedom is just another word

We're living in a time
Where virtues are exchanged
Morality's bought and sold

Are you searching for reasons to leave it all behind?
Listen to the things I say
Leave it behind!

We're tired of listening to corrupt politicians
Who are buying their way to the top
We've had enough of this endless charade
Where does this crazy game stop?


Cry for freedom, democracy
One voice crying out eternally

We're living in an age of deception
Does anybody really seem to care?
We're living in an age of deception
Will there be anything left for us to share?

Weíre living in an age where life means so little
Another commodity on the trading block
Weíre living in a time where integrity means nothing
Follow the status quo ñ donít stray from the path

We're tired of believing all the lies that we're told
They're filling their pockets while we're
Paying the price
We're tired of hypocritical talk and no action
The truth always seems to be something to hide

But the time is right to make decisions now
The future never comes
It's always just one day behind
Society's child