1. 05 Two Hearts

From the recording Sudden Thunder

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05 Two Hearts

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Music: Sandor de Bretan, John Devadasan Perinbam, Joe Nasrallah, Paul Malek
Lyrics: John Devadasan Perinbam


Can you remember the time when I said to you
No I would never leave but I need to live free
I don't want to be a possession
To be bought or sold
Don't want to be your obsession
I won't be controlled

So turn the pages
Learn to stand up on your own
Live through the stages
'Cause life goes on and on



Two hearts beat together
Two hearts can stand alone
Two hearts love forever
Side by side through endless nights

We live for the moment
Do what we want to do
I know that you know, girl
My heart's with you

The fire burns within me
Between me and you
Fuelling the passion
You know that I want you

Your mind and your body are working their magic on me
You know that I'll never leave
'Cause with you I live free
With you I'm not a possession to be bought and sold
But when you need somebody to talk to
I'll be there for you