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Turn of the Wheel 2008

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A remake of Ivory Knight's track from the 1988 demo Voices in Your Nightmare.


Into the night i see you fade
Could it be you’ve changed your mind?
I don’t know
Wasting my time, it’s all make believe
But we soon will end this game
Oh i know

Turn of the wheel
You slowly drift away
another turn of the wheel
Nothing to say

Lost and alone in this cold night
Do you know the way from here?
I don’t know
Don’t have the time to sit here with you
Listen to your crazy lies
Where’s the truth?

Another turn of the wheel
Don’t know what it will bring
Just a turn of the wheel

Breaking the chains that keep me within
But i will remember you
Oh i know
Not meant to be, nothing can change
Tomorrow morning i’ll be gone
Yes i know